Cajun Spaghetti Recipe

Posted by Colt Patin on

Serves 6-8

Ingredients in the Cajun Spaghetti Pack (Dehydrated Onion, Celery, Bell Pepper, Maispalm Seasoning, Granulated Garlic, Granulated Onion, Green Onion, Italian Herbs)

1 Cajun Spaghetti Seasoning Mix
2 tablespoons Vegetable Oil
1 Pound Meat (Ground Beef, Chicken, etc.) (optional)
1 (14.5 oz.) Can Diced Tomato
2 (15 oz.) Cans Tomato Sauce

Start by heating vegetable oil in a medium sauce pot. Begin to brown your meat of choice. Once the meat is browned add the Cajun Spaghetti Seasoning, diced tomato, tomato sauce, and 1 cup of water. Bring sauce to a simmer, cooking 30 minutes. Serve with pasta. 


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